Men 40 and Up

Some call it a mid-life crisis, but it is a medical fact

Can you delay it? Can you lessen its impact? It is possible, and we can help. Through our Signature 6+1 Approach, we’ll create a comprehensive, personalized Wellness Care Plan that addresses every aspect of your unique health conditions and concerns. Even the most active men in their 40s and older are prone to moodiness, indifference, lethargy, and weight gain as they age. It’s called andropause, and it’s the male equivalent of menopause.

Every aspect of the Signature 6+1 Approach includes close contact and follow up in person, via email, and by phone to answer questions along the way, and to help ensure your continued participation in both the process and your success.

Our Signature 6+1 Approach can help you achieve optimal wellness. 

The Signature 6+1 Approach will help you with: